On Not Caring if the Varnish is Chipped and Legal Highs

A Stunner; it did take my breath away when it was first slipped on that all significant finger.

It was just a tiny bit out of our reach and hb2b once again has proven that he’s the other half of my soul.

I felt a touch of grown up and a lot of happy. Like my fingers had been naked and embarrassed having waited – it seemed like a lifetime – to be adorned and adored. All of a sudden it made so much sense to hold a champagne glass or to type away on a keyboard. Damn, it even felt good to take the tube to work and hold on…

Nails – mani or not – looked just awesome! I mean who cares if the varnish is chipped when you’re sporting that over a carat sparkler??

Such a high – albeit expensive – a legal one too!